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Sheep milk benefits for the health

Consumo de la leche nos permite un mayor refuerzo inmunológico

Researchers are currently working in the elaboration of new sheep dairy products. They say that these products can help the people’s nutrition, because these products have more fat and proteins than cow milk.


These researchers recommend the creation of small family farms
The milk consume, lead us to a stronger immunity backing.
France, Italy, Greece and other countries have a long tradition producing sheep dairy products, and also consuming it. For example they have the ricotta yogurt, which have ant carcinogenic qualities and less cholesterol.


Mejorar la alimentacion de las ovejas genera alimentos mas saludables

Improve the sheep feed makes healthier products.


The researchers from the Grupo de Estudio y Trabajo en Producción Ovina from the Agronomy Faculty say that the potential exists in Spain.

They have been working to improve the nutrition of the breeds to create nutraceutical foods (healthier for human consumption). They also have been working in new dairy products elaborated from the sheep milk

The farms are usually controlled by shepherds but nowadays the use of fodder is more common. It has great advantages because it’s cheaper and increases the quality of the milk.

El Forraje aporta a la Leche una mayor proporción de ácidos grasos saludables.

We have to highlight the benefits of the milk in a healthy diet, because it is the main source of calcium and vitamins A, B and D. Besides all these qualities we need to add the ones from the yogurt as probiotic food, which means that provides the internal flora with beneficial bacteria


The richer is the fodder the sheep eat, the better their dairy products will be for human consumption. For example it helps to reduce the cancer risk and it also reduces the cholesterol.

The fodder gives the milk a bigger proportion of healthy fat acids.

The sheep milk has perfect characteristics to produce yogurt and other dairy products, and at the same time it offers great benefits for human nutrition. With a little consume it covers the same amount of beneficial fat acid as two eggs per week.
The real Roquefort is made with sheep milk and it has its own P.O.D. in France. Also the feta cheese from Greece and the pecorino cheese from Italy are made of sheep milk.

“You can find sheep cheese in every valley in Europe”
Rodolfo Zibell
Institutional Relationships Secretary
University of Buenos Aires

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