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Gestión Agro Ganadera S.L. (GAG)

Our company was set up in 1994, with a strong presence in the dairy sheep industry of Castile and Leon (Spain), the largest producer in Europe. We can supply:

  • Raw sheep’s milk
  • Thermized sheep’s milk
  • Pasteurized sheep’s milk


is specialized in the distribution of sheep’s milk. For this purpose, it has its own regular collection system and, transporting it in its tankers, it has the capacity to deliver fresh milk to any point in Spain or Europe.

Historical Evolution

With our ongoing commitment to quality, together with our many years of experience, we are now a highly prestigious and well-established company within the dairy sheep industry.

Over the last year, the collection of sheep milk was of around 20 million litres, and we regularly work with more than 50 cheese factories spread over Spain and Europe.

compras leche ovelucion anual


Quesería La Antigua de Fuentesaúco

As part of the Company’s activity, in 2002 we launched a new line of business, LA ANTIGUA DE FUENTESAÚCO CHEESE FACTORY, devoted to the production of top-quality SHEEP’S CHEESE following traditional methods.



We have a variety of clients in SPAIN and EUROPE and, throughout the year, we serve not only large, but also medium and small-scale factories, promptly complying with the scheduled delivery dates.

Seguimos cuidando de nuestros ganaderos. Compra quesos elaborados con la leche de sus ovejas. Te los llevamos a casa.COMPRAR